About The Airport

Montauk Airport, a private airport located on the very eastern end of Long Island, was conceived by Perry Duryea Jr. in 1957. Mr. Duryea, a lobster wholesaler and former NYS Assemblyman (now deceased) realized the value of a transient facility for private and commercial aircraft and was able to secure roughly 27 acres for the construction of a single, 3800-foot runway. Initial Shareholders in the corporation included Mr. Duryea’s father, Perry Duryea Sr., and Edward Pospisil, a local contractor and realtor.

Once constructed, the airport would prove useful for Perry Jr. and others, as a quick means of accessing Montauk without hours of driving time. Perry Jr. kept his twin-engine Apache (later an Aztec) at a hangar near the runway, and would frequently fly to and from Albany for sessions of the New York State Legislature. Before the introduction of perimeter lighting for Runway 6/24, Mr. Duryea would call ahead to his family to illuminate the end of the runway with car lights, so that he could make a safe evening approach.

In the mid-sixties, Robert King of Trans-Caribbean Airways took over the operation of the facility for several years, thereby expanding the charter flight arm of the facility. At the same time, pilots in the Northeast began to realize the appeal of the airport as a destination for nearby beaches and recreational fishing, and seasonal air traffic increased considerably

Lenny Dick, a Montauk-based charter pilot, succeeded Bob King and managed the airport until Lenny’s passing in 1994. Lenny ran Air East, and with his single-engine aircraft flew people from Montauk to points north, south, east, and west. Helen Gil took over daily operations after Lenny’s death and managed the facility for 26 years. Under Helen’s supervision, seasonal traffic continued to grow, and notables such as Robert Abplanalp (Precision Valve Co.), former President Richard Nixon, and singer Jimmy Buffett flew in and out of the facility.

Most recently, Montauk Airport has contracted with Vector Airport Systems to install an automated landing fee system utilizing state-of-the-art cameras. Currently, the Vector System is in place at other nearby airports including East Hampton, Westhampton, and Bridgeport. The automated landing fee system became operational in March 2022. Vector Airport Systems will be collecting landing fees from October 1st through May 31st every year. From June 1st through September 30th all landing fees will be paid at the Main Terminal building upon arrival.